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SUITCAFE Super Light Super Stretch Shell Short Unconstructed Navy Raincoat

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This short raincoat, at 95cm in length, is a fantastic piece for summer wear. On those hot, humid days of summer when you need to protect your clothing from thunderstorms or rain showers this is the only coat you need and it is amazing to travel with. Why you may ask? Because this coat has nothing inside. No lining, no padding, unconstructed in totality.

Travel with this coat daily by keeping it rolled up in ball in your backpack. Yes, smash this coat up. The fabric is such that when you take it out of your bag all you do is give it a snap and the wrinkles pop off. With super stretch and water repellency, wear this with suits, jackets, or a t-shirt and jeans. Just throw it on and walk out the house. Its so thin and lightweight you won't believe it.

Supply your neck, waist, height and weight at checkout.

Made in Italy to any size in 10-15 days.