Fit & Fabric

Since 2014 SUITCAFE has strived for the perfect fitting suit. It takes a combination of tailoring, fabric and most importantly pressing to achieve that goal. All fabric starts flat. We mould our inner materials to the outer fabric with tailors pressing the garment during creation hundreds of times. Yes, our suits are created to fit the body. Not just a preconceived body type, but all types, Our founders use their over 100 years of experience in creating quality fitting men’s clothing at reachable price points delivered in ten days.

Comfort In The Real World

How will your suit look on you in a real setting? None of our photos are photoshopped. We do no color correction on any suit. We want to show the natural drape of the fabric as it fits the body, No hidden pins, clips or cardboard to make the suits look cleaner. If a suit looks comfortable to sit in all day that’s because it is and that is what the CashLana™ fabric and Super 150s wool is designed to do. Fit and comfort at an affordable price. We offer a real tailored garment. Not fabric put together like a shirt and marketed as a suit.

*NEW* FastLane Shoes In 7 Days

For the first time we have created a custom design shoe platfrom with 1000s of choices and combinations you can design yourself with a shipping time of 7 days from our factory in Mallorca, Spain. Choose the style, leather, color and many more options. Don't feel like being a designer? Simply order from our FastLane gallery and order from real photos of shoes we have designed for you. With sizes 5 through 17, there is no faster way to achieve beautiful handmade shoes than with SUITCAFE FastLane.

FastLane Gallery

Handmade Customizable Shoes

Leather Goods

Shoes, boots, belts and bags beautifully designed and handmade in Mallorca, Spain. Each piece made to exacting details with the highest quality leathers and exotic skins.

Nappa, pebble grain, kid suede, alligator, ostrich, python and hundreds more to choose from. Purchase as shown in our leather goods gallery or take advantage of our do it yourself customize design tool. Use our Virtual Custom Shoe Creator to change the designs any way you like.

Scroll through thousands of options in shoes, boots, sneakers, bags, backpacks and belts. Create a one of a kind product only you will have.

Leather Gallery