Menswear Pioneers

Back in 1908, Philip Pravda’s great grandfather would read the obituaries of the New York City newspapers. If a celebrity or financier would pass away, he went to their home and paid the widow cash for the suits in the closet. This is how he obtained his high quality inventory for those years. Yes, he sold it as used on 14th street and Seventh Avenue.

His son Alfred took over in 1930 and began designing and creating his own suits. In 1958 he took one of the first jet flights to Europe from New York to Paris. At this time he had a handful of men's shops in the city and wanted higher quality, with good price points to offer his clients. France, Italy, and Spain helped provide the fashion he wanted.

In the late 1970s, Alfred’s son Paul went to Madison Ave. and opened a more luxurious, high-end menswear boutique for discerning men from around the globe. As the New York Palace Hotel was rising on Madison Ave, Paul’s Madison Ave shop called “British American House” was providing exclusive brand name garments mostly from Italy. The first to import famous Italian made brands as Canali, Brioni, Giorgio Armani, Corneliani, Valentino, Hugo Boss and others, Paul always gave value with the best quality available.

After 30 plus years working with his father, in four shops in Manhattan, Philip began SUITCAFE in 2014. Building on four generations of experience in menswear, quality workmanship, handmade details and value for your money, Phil's SUITCAFE is a global destination for high quality, well-fitting menswear. Mr. Philip Pravda designs and chooses every piece of fabric, leather, and silk that is incorporated into his collections. Whether it be handmade suits from Italy or handmade shoes from Spain, his customers always marvel at the well fitting, finest quality materials and artisan craftsmanship of each piece. "Having been born into the menswear business and having customers from around the world, I hopefully am able to use my experiences to create what most men want and how they want it."