Testimonials from our most recent customers from around the globe.


Tom R. FLORIDA: I am amazed at the quality and the design of the limited edition Dune shoes that I got. They are truly a one of kind product. 


JERRY K. NEW YORK: Phil, the white tuxedo jacket was a hit! Thanks!!!


JONATHAN M. NEW YORK: Philip Pravda made me a summer jacket for me and it’s my favorite item to wear in my wardrobe. It’s a perfect fit and was painless to coordinate. I look forward to buying other items in the future.


BETTINA W. CALIFORNIA: Hi Philip, My husband loves his new shoes, they were absolutely worth the wait - he gave fit, design, quality and comfort 5 stars each! I'll add customer service to that list, thanks again for your regular updates and personal touch. Best, Bettina


ELTON Z. CALIFORNIA: Phil has been absolutely wonderful to work with. He helped us find everything we were looking for and better. He updated me regularly on the progress with the suit, shirt, belt, and shoes. Everything is beautiful, the quality is amazing, and I am excited to wear it for my wedding! Also, feel free to use the photo we send you after the wedding. Thank you again, Phil!


DARRYL H. GEORGIA: Mr. Pravda, The suit arrived yesterday and I am very happy with it. I don't know how you arrived at your simple formula for sizing but it works. I have paid reputable tailors to make garments for me and none fit like the suit I received from you. Admittedly, I was very skeptical but I didn't want to keep going down the same road and not being satisfied with the garment and heartburn over the money I spent. You convinced me to give SUITCAFE a try and you delivered. A custom navy pinstripe is a thing of beauty and I now own one that fits perfectly. Again, thank you and I look forward to the next suit.....soon!


ODELL B. PENNSYLVANIA: When I think of Suitcafe, what comes to mind is quality, outstanding pricing, and on time delivery. I ordered four suits for my sons for my daughters wedding. You exceeded my expectations. You can order your suits with no worries. Thanks for adding value to my daughters special day.


DAN W. FLORIDA: Just wore the new suit for my big presentation. It feels so good. Not cognizant of the fact I am wearing a suit. So light and perfect. Thanks again.


TOM N. OHIO: My suit arrived today and I am delighted with the quality of the fabric, the cut and the fit. Truly an elegant garment. Has the rich “hang” I’d hoped for.


DAVID J. ISRAEL: After getting my first suit from you, I go to every wedding, bar mitzvah, and conference in a suit. It makes a lot of difference in the way I feel and brings more self confidence. From the first suit I knew I was dealing with professionals. Now I have three. Thank you for great and affordable service.


K.O.M KUWAIT: Hey Philip. Thank you, hope you are well. I wore one of your suits today. Best everyday suits I’ve owned.


PETER J. NEW YORK: I wanted to reach out to say how much I'm enjoying my navy suit. The style, fit and comfort are incredible and far superior to any other suit I’ve owned.


BRYANT L. NEW YORK: Kudos to Philip and the SuitCafé!! I was leaving the country in just 2 weeks and needed a suit for my wife's parent's 50th wedding anniversary overseas. I could not find anything at my local suit stores, so I contacted Phil from SuitCafé. I gave Phil my measurements online and the very next day he had my suit being custom-made in Italy!! When it arrived at my home just a week later, it fit perfectly!! Why go to a bank or a warehouse to buy your suits for over $600 when you can get them custom made through Phil at SuitCafé for half the price? I recommend everyone use Phil and the SuitCafé for all your affordable, high-quality dress wear needs!!!


NORBERT K. PENNSYLVANIA: I'm not sure how I found SuitCafe, but I did and when I looked at the site I was intrigued. I'm a very traditional dresser when it comes to dressing up and I liked what I saw - the fabrics and patterns. But I thought - how can you give someone only 3 measurements and they send you a suit that fits? I'm a big guy at 6'3". I was skeptical, but I went for it. I ordered a CashLana suit. As the website requires, I provided the 3 measurements and a couple of notes as to what I was used to wearing. A couple of weeks later SuitCafe arrived. The suit fit fabulously (it needed sleeve and pant length alteration. I expected that.) The material is fantastic, the construction superb and it's gotten better with each wear. I ordered another a couple of months ago and am just as happy. I would recommend SuitCafe. 3 measurements - 1 great suit.


PETER R. CALIFORNIA: I know Phil from way back in his clothing stores on Madison Ave and Fifth Ave in New York City. I live in California now and was glad to see his great selection of suits online. I too am in the fashion business, but I shoot fashion with a camera. I chose the Lapis Blue and it came out great for my 18.5 inch neck and 42 inch waist. Haha. I also ordered a custom pair of shoes with different color laces that I can switch off with depending on what I am wearing. For $390 for shoes, I could not believe the high quality and finishing. They should be more than double as I know major shoe brands from Europe can cost well over $1000 for handmade shoes such as these. I see them everyday in my work. Thanks again and can't wait for the shirts to get online for my big neck.