Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long does it take to get my suit?

We make a suit in 10 days. We then ship directly to you at the provided shipping address on your order. 

2) Is there a shipping charge?

Shipping in the USA is free for a limited time. 

3) How will you get my measurements?

At the checkout page you will see a box with the heading "Please enter your neck, waist, height and weight measurements." From these few measurements, which most men know, we make the entire suit.

What if my suit does not fit properly?

At SUITCAFE we have a fantastic fitting suit, but most men want to tweak their fit based on their preference of how they like to wear their clothing. All suits are made to be tailored if needed. We have extra fabric inside all seams just for this purpose. If you need a reputable tailor in your area, please email us at hello@suitcafe.com and we will find a tailor near to you that is trustworthy to do the proper alterations on our suits. The trousers come with unfinished bottoms. A hem needs to be completed. If you feel the suit is not something you would like to keep before any tailoring is completed, please see our exchange policy or return policy in the quick links sections at the bottom of the homepage.