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SUITCAFE French Blue Khaki Plaid Super Stretch Wool Men's Jacket

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Fully unlined with no shoulder pads, this french blue stretch wool is perfect for full on summer. Although we show this dressy with a tie, this is the perfect jacket for jeans, khakis and of course linen pants. This wool and lycra jacket is so thin and light weight you don't even notice a jacket is on you. Pair it with a printed t-shirt, solid linen shirt, short sleeve polo and the like for an amazing cool summer outfit. Outdoor dining by the beach is where this jacket fits in great.

Composition: 95% Cool Wool 2% Lycra.

Supply 3 measurements at checkout. Neck, Waist, Height.

Two button single breasted jacket, side vents, flap pockets, hand stitching, trim fit.

Unlined, unconstructed.

No shoulder pads.

10 day delivery.